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ATCA PhDs Present at Anxiety and Depression Conference!


Dr. Damer and Dr. Stout recently presented at the Anxiety and Depression 39th Annual Conference (ADAA) in Chicago, IL! The ADAA Annual Conference brings together more than 1,400 clinicians and researchers from all across the world to discuses improvements in treatment for anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders.

Dr. Damer and Dr. Stout presented on the effectiveness of CBT group therapy.  They taught practitioners how to implement cognitive and behavioral techniques like cognitive restructuring, attention-training/ mindfulness techniques, and behavioral interventions in a group therapy format.  CBT group therapy is an affordable alternative to individual therapy, and offers a supporting environment for clients struggling with similar difficulties.  Dr. Damer and Dr. Stout have both implemented these techniques in the longstanding therapy group, “Anxious in Austin.”

To learn more about their presentation and CBT group therapy, click here: