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“Anxious in Austin Kids” Group

Group Facilitators: Anne Joseph, LPC-S & Katy Rothfelder, LPC

Anxious in Austin Kids is a neuroaffirmative, contextual behavioral 8 week program that teaches children 8-11 years old helpful ways to respond to anxiety. Young people will learn skills to support awareness of their experiences, while transforming unwanted thoughts and feelings into an opportunity to connect with what matters to them. Parents will also be provided these skills as well as strategies to support their child throughout the program, with two parent-only sessions at start and close of treatment. Example topics are:

  • Building awareness and acceptance of thoughts and feelings
  • Engaging in values guided exposures
  • Connecting with other children with anxiety related conditions
  • Learning tools for self-advocacy

The fee for our groups is $65 per session, and includes 8 children groups, and 2 parent sessions

Time: Tuesday, 1:30 pm-3:00 pm

Each group meets in person at Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin

Group Status: Currently recruiting participants

If you are interested in joining our Group, please call or email us.