Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at ATCA

We are humans serving humans. At Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin, we strive to see each individual as whole people, and take steps to ensure our practice serves people with all bodies and all abilities. ATCA centers the strengths and needs of each of our clients, especially those of rising identities who are often not given a safe space to heal. Each of our clinicians works to embody anti-discrimination, anti-oppression, anti-stigma, anti-racism & anti-ableism. We acknowledge this is an ongoing process, and recognize holding space with our clients means we will take bold, brave moves together. We value identity affirming and culturally compassionate care. We will live out these values through our actions in and out of the treatment setting.

Should there be a time where you feel your voice is not heard at ATCA, we invite you to bring this to the attention of your clinician. We understand this is not your responsibility, and is not a request. We do not ask our clients from rising identities to teach us how to act, and strive to continuously grow as we recognize the privilege of holding space with you. Should you wish to file a formal complaint regarding oppression, marginalization, or any related aggression, please to do not hesitate to contact our director at diana@anxietyaustin.com.