June 12, 2012

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

In Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), people become anxious that something will go wrong and they won’t be able to attain the life goals they have for themselves. They imagine what could go wrong in any situation, and this leads to worry. The goal of the worry is to think about these potential negative outcomes in order to prepare or prevent them – the search is for reassurance and a feeling of safety. Unfortunately, there are many bad things that could happen that are outside of our control. So those with GAD go in circles, imagining bad outcomes and worrying, getting more and more anxious. At some point, the worry itself can become something to worry about – “I’m worrying too much, what if this means I’m losing control?”. This, of course, makes the anxiety even stronger.

GAD Treatment at the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin

In GAD treatment, the goal is not to find solutions to every concern in order to relieve anxiety. Instead, the goal is to change the way that you deal with concerns and uncertainties in your life. We aim to help you put the fears in perspective, reduce the biases that lead to expectations of catastrophic outcomes, stop worrying, and deal with problems directly. We do this by helping you understand the processes that escalate and maintain your anxiety, change the way you think about problems. The result is the ability to pursue your goals and immerse yourself in life, with much less stress and anxiety.

Schedule a Consultation for Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

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