October 24, 2012

PTSD Treatment

After a person experiences a traumatic event, their brain often struggles to make sense of what happened. People also tend to remember things more vividly when they are feeling strong emotions (like fear). Sometimes (although certainly not all the time) a person will begin to experience emotional symptoms afterward. In the case of PTSD, they will re-experience the traumatic event (in nightmares, flashbacks, and unwanted thoughts) and often feel that their emotions have become “numb.” It is when these things occur, as well as when a person starts to fear and/or avoid situations which remind them of the trauma, that people often seek help.

Treatment for PTSD involves confronting what happened in the past, and learning to manage unpleasant emotions in the present. This takes on a number of forms, but usually includes the patient discussing and processing the traumatic event with their clinician, and actively practicing skills which will help them to navigate the world without avoiding or reacting negatively to situations in daily life. The ultimate goal is to re-establish a feeling of safety which was lost during the trauma.

Treatment for PTSD at the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin

When looking for a therapist to address PTSD, it is important to find someone with whom you are comfortable. Some aspects of a certain therapist (such as their gender, age, or interpersonal style) might trigger difficult thoughts and feelings, especially when discussing a traumatic event. It is also important to select a therapist who listens to you. Be sure you feel heard, not rushed, and comfortable with their style. At the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin, our anxiety specialists work with patients to process their experiences while providing support and encouragement.

Schedule a Consultation for PTSD Treatment

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