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Massive Value

Dr. Tsan and I have been working together for over a year now and his guidance has added massive value to my life. I came to Dr. Tsan with significant levels of general anxiety and social anxiety and his systematic and evidence-based approach to cognitive behavioral therapy has made a priceless impact on my quality of life. Over the first several sessions, Dr. Tsan helped me cope with my anxiety and offered careful and gentle nudges in the right direction – a way to rewire distorted thought processes. He helped me learn that I am in control of my mind and helped me better understand “how” to think. As things keep coming up in my life that I need to talk through, I continue to see Dr. Tsan and consider it an essential part of maintaining my mental health.

– A.G.

Effective Anxiety Therapy

Dr. Douglas is great! The Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin really helped me out a ton when I was going through some episodes of panic and anxiety. Definitely highly recommend this place. My sessions with Dr. Douglas really helped immensely. If you’re struggling this is a great facility to go to for some help.

Mr. M on Google

Conscientious, Caring, and Compassionate

I’ve found Diana Damer to be conscientious, attentive and compassionate in the care she’s provided to me. I’ve made tremendous progress in the short time I’ve know her and I would highly recommend using her services if you suffer from any kind of anxiety disorder.

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OCD: Moving out of the Dark

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Leyva. I was in a very dark place at the start of therapy and I have overcome so much with her help. My OCD has indeed come back as other fears as she said it would, but I have managed to work through these challenges using my “toolbox” which makes me feel like a much more capable parent and adult…. I feel confident I have a strong basis for managing my anxiety now.

– Ms. T

Confidence and Positivity

Dr. Stout provides excellent service. I always leave the office with greater confidence and a better feeling that I can overcome my anxiety.

Social Anxiety and Conquering Fear

I’ve lived with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I had developed checking rituals that I had to repeat several times before leaving the house (making sure the doors were locked, windows shut, lights off, stove off, etc.). Social situations were a struggle as well.

I reached my lowest point when my husband and I decided to get a dog. I was worried she would destroy the house. I was worried she’d bite someone. I thought my methods for training were the only way to do it, and got very angry they didn’t work, or when my husband tried something different. It really felt out of control.

I did some searching and came across the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin. I remember reading Dr. Damer’s information, and especially appreciated the connection she made between anxiety and depression, which I had certainly felt myself. Our initial meeting was exceptional. Dr. Damer creates a warm, safe, and supportive environment in her room. I felt immediately comfortable with her, and openly shared experiences and feelings I had extreme difficulty talking about with other people. She asked all the right questions to help guide the diagnostic process, and clearly explained her thoughts on my present condition, and ways we could help improve it.

Then the work began. Dr. Damer expertly guided me through several different techniques to help isolate situations that caused my anxiety to spike. We then worked on restructuring my thinking so that in anxiety-producing moments, I could realize the underlying core belief that was causing the anxiety, and reshape it by putting it into the perspective of the more positive outlook.

I left each session feeling supported and empowered. Over time, I noticed that my sessions changed from sharing challenging moments and experiences, to sharing successes.

My time working with Dr. Damer at ATCA was truly life-changing. Before I started treatment, it was not uncommon for my anxiety to completely disable me. That never happens anymore. I have learned how to restructure my thoughts into more positive, rational outlooks. Was it a quick fix? No. Was it harder than I thought it would be? Yes. Would I do it again? Without question.

– Anonymous

Work Anxiety

About six months ago, during my transition from graduate school to working full-time, I became very fearful about going to work. My morning ritual at the time included feeling mental anguish and asking my husband each morning in tears if I had to go to my job. It was an emotionally taxing experience for us both and I felt drained and exhausted. I decided at that point, the lowest point in recent memory, to reach out to Dr. Leyva. During my first visit at the Anxiety Treatment Center, I felt like my feelings were validated instead of being dismissed. Working with Dr. Leyva allowed me to view my concerns with appropriate perspective and after a few sessions I began to feel hopeful about my life instead of controlled by it. It continues to surprise me how intercorrelated thoughts, behaviors and actions are. Anxiety can be an incredibly devastating thing if it not appropriately managed. As a result of therapy, I have seen benefits in my personal and professional relationships and in my life. I am so incredibly blessed and grateful to have found Dr. Leyva.

– Ms. H.

Generalized Anxiety

I have been a client of Christine Leyva, and I can’t express how much our conversations and exercises have helped me. She genuinely cares about every aspect of what makes you who you are, and helps you understand the bigger picture that’s so hard to see when you are consumed by everything all at once. I learned so much not only about myself, but about why we as individuals can think or react to situations right or wrong. She has helped me grow as an individual, and I would not be as self-aware as I am today without her. I can do nothing more than to thank her, and every individual that made meeting her possible.

– Mr. M

Panic Disorder

Dr. Jack Tsan guided me and helped me get my life back… I rarely have anxiety anymore and when I do I have tools to manage it quickly and get back to my normal self. Dr. Tsan is also available for me to reach him when I need a bit of help. The worst thing you can do is tell yourself you’re okay because you’ve been feeling okay for a week. The best thing you can do is go see Dr. Tsan or one of the other therapists at the center, and never again feel helpless and lost. Good luck!

Ms. A on Google

Fear of Driving

After years of suffering from highway driving phobia, I finally decided to seek help from Dr. Christine Leyva. As soon as I met her, she made me feel comfortable and I felt hopeful that I could overcome my anxiety.

We went driving on the second session and Dr. Leyva patiently and calmly talked me through when my anxiety was at the highest. She made me realize that I had all the tools I needed to feel more comfortable while driving on the highway…

In just four sessions Dr. Leyva’s techniques, patience and sense of humor allowed me to overcome a phobia that plagued me for years.

I am forever grateful to her and would highly recommend Dr. Leyva!

– Ms. C

Panic Attack Treatment

After having a rough summer and never having anxiety issues before, I found myself going through major panic attacks. After several trips to the emergency room a doctor finally said he thought I was having an anxiety attack!

I called Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin and spoke to Diana Damer and she was able to see me. I can’t express enough how she helped me cope with my symptoms and get through the rough patch. I started feeling better almost instantly and was given the tools to help with anxiety issues.
It’s been several months and I still have anxiety symptoms from time to time, but now am able to work through it. Thank you Anxiety Treatment Center and a huge thank you to Diana.

– Anonymous