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37aLooking for specialized treatment for an anxiety disorder in the greater Austin area? The Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin can help. Our team of experienced clinicians are all specialists who work closely with patients to overcome anxiety. We treat the broad array of anxiety disorders and fears, including social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder GAD, phobias (such as needles or roaches), panic attacks, and more. Individual and group sessions with experts in anxiety treatment are offered:

Effective Treatment of Anxiety with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It’s likely that people initially try other ways to cure anxiety symptoms or use anti-anxiety remedies that haven’t worked. The specialists at the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin each have a background as researchers as well as clinicians, and use techniques backed by science and validated as the most effective at helping anxiety.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), especially Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP), has been shown in clinical trials to be the most effective treatment for the broad array of anxiety disorders. It outperforms other types of psychological treatments, and is as good as, or better than, medication. Compared to medication, CBT is often found to have better impact on anxiety over the long-term. Unfortunately, when medication is stopped, anxiety often “rebounds” – increasing significantly. Many patients do not want take medication to treat their anxiety for the rest of their lives, or do not want to live with ongoing side-effects.

Online Therapy in Austin

Your safety, privacy, and comfort are top priorities at our treatment center. As a result, online therapy is our default mode of operation at the present time. We use a HIPAA-certified encrypted video provider to ensure the privacy of your information, and setting up a video therapy session with us is as easy as chatting with friends. Just visit our booking page to set up a time.

Anxiety Medication

As you may know, the use of medication in therapy is the distinction between psychology and psychiatry. As psychologists, we do not prescribe medication, but we also believe that in some cases, patients have better outcomes when prescribed medications are used in the proper way.

Fortunately, we have a collaborative partnership with many psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners in the Austin area. If needed, your clinician at ATCA can work with you and your unique needs to identify providers that may be helpful to you.

VR Therapy at the Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin

Our licensed psychologists have recently added VR therapy to the suite of modalities that we offer. Virtual reality is a ideal fit for acclimatizing and building positive thought patterns for some of the stressors and phobias that we treat, such as fear of flying and acrophobia. It is available without any extra charges as part of your anxiety therapy. If you would like to try VR therapy just contact us.

Our Psychological Services

The major branches of our anxiety treatment services are as follows:

Costs of Therapy for Anxiety

One of the benefits of cognitive and behavioral treatments for anxiety is that the effectiveness of therapy translates to a smaller number of sessions compared to other methods. Many patients see significant anxiety reduction within 1-2 months. Standard per session fees is $190. Insurance will sometimes partially cover treatment costs, and we can provide required insurance paperwork when appropriate. If you require reduced-fee treatment, please mention this when you contact us 

Schedule a Free Consultation

The Anxiety Treatment Center of Austin is the only comprehensive anxiety treatment center in Austin, centrally located with availability during daytime hours, evenings, and weekends. For a free, 15-minute phone consultation to determine candidacy for treatment, email or call to provide availability information.